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A cocktail so perfect it could raise the dead.

A true Mexican stunner

In the days before prohibition (worst idea ever btw), a Daisy Cocktail was a refreshing mix of a strong spirit (usually brandy or gin), orange liquer (think Cointreau or Grand Marnier), lemon juice and sugar.

During prohibition, many Californians went to Mexico to do their drinking, and in a time before air-conditioning, they demanded refreshing Daisies. The local bartenders subbed tequila for gin or brandy, and limes for lemons, to create a Mexican Daisy.

The word for "Daisy" in Spanish? Wait for it...Margarita. True story. And that's how the worst idea ever, gave us the best cocktail ever.

Best idea ever? Perfect ‘Ritas in cans.

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filtered water, alcohol, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, real lime juice concentrate, citric acid, sodium benzoate

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