5 Ways to Enjoy QNSY Lovely Rita on Cinco de Mayo

May 4, 2022

Cinco de Mayo is our favorite party of the year. It’s a springtime celebration of Mexican culture, filled with food, friends, fun, and of course… margaritas! This Cinco de Mayo, we’re keeping all the margarita fun, but ditching all the work, with our Lovely Rita margarita in five refreshing ways. You can watch QNSY co-founder Jeremy talk through each step in our video, or read on!

  1. Crack and sip! We use only real fruit juice and pure cane sugar, just like we’d mix it for you at the bar. Lovely Rita is light, bright and refreshing, so you can keep the party going all-day or all-night.
  2. Make it SPICY! The spicy zip of your favorite hot sauce (we love Cholula) wakes up all the flavors of Lovely Rita. Dash a few drops right into the can and you’re good to go!
  3. Sip with tequila! Lime juice, cane sugar and hot sauce is the magic combo that makes up sangrita, the classic chaser for tequila, and so much classier than sucking a lime. So if you’re loving #2 above, try it side by side with silver tequila. It’s how they do it in Mexico!
  4. Mix it up! If lime, sugar, spice and tequila sounds like the makings of a spicy margarita, you’re right! Add tequila and ice to your favorite margarita glass (we salt the rim, but you do you), top-up with that spiced-up Lovely Rita, and you’ve got a no-fuss, no-muss, KILLER margarita.
  5. ¡QUE Chelada! If you prefer beer to tequila – or just want to pace yourself – add the hot sauce and Lovely Rita to an ice-cold Mexican lager (Mexicans call lager beer “chela,” meaning blonde), such as Pacifico. Serve with a lime wedge in a spicy salt-rimmed glass. So refreshing!

To our Mexican friends and family, thank you for sharing your culture, your courage, and your spirit. ¡Te amamos!

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