These Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Will Get You Pumped for Summer

May 27, 2022

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Whether you are off to the beach, a pool party, or tailgating before a game, we have the perfect ready-to-drink cocktails that you can take along with you. This collection of beverages will have you set for the summer. When the temps rise, get ready to cool down with one of these five ready-to-drink cocktails!

QNSY Sparkling Cocktails

QNSY is a product of the pandemic. Founders [and former actors] Tara and Jeremy, native New Yorkers, created their sparkling cocktail line, when they were unable to act and perform. They named it after Queens, the New York City borough where they [live].

QNSY currently has three different canned cocktails: Cosmo, Lovely Rita and Mojito, which are all 5% ABV. When a company states on their website: “We crafted our cocktails to taste really f*cking good,” you HAVE to give them a try! They kindly sent me samples and they really nailed the summer vibe with a flavorful, easy-drinking beverage.

So, how does QNSY create a “really f*cking good” cocktail? By using real fruit juice and pure cane sugar. These sparkling cocktails are made with a sugar brew. From a press email, we learned more about the process: A sugar brew is produced by fermenting sugar. QNSY uses cane sugar during their sugar brew process. Similar to the creation of beer except instead of grain, sugar is used.

Once the sugar is fermented, it is now no longer considered sugar, but alcohol! Then QNSY adds in real fruit juice and other natural flavors to create their fabulous Cosmo, Lovely Rita, and Mojito cocktails.

QNSY retails for approximately $5.99 a can or $15-$18.99 for a 4-pack and is available at over 230 retail stores. It is available for shipping in select states.

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