What LGBTQ+ Pride Means to Us

June 15, 2022

Pride Month is more than just an occasion marked on a calendar and the chance to see the neighborhood decked out in rainbow flags. Pride is a recognition of the lived experience of queer people and an assertion of human dignity. We don’t want to be yet another brand making a cliché public statement, so instead we’ll share with you what this month really means to us.

LGBTQ+ pride is literally close to home. Each of us has a queer sibling, and growing up, we saw firsthand the difference in our lived experiences versus theirs. It was not safe for them to fully live as their true selves – and sadly, to a certain extent, it still isn’t. When we got married, our union was considered completely “acceptable” without question, and we were celebrated as “regular” people. There has been no restriction on our ability to live our lives together and pursue our dreams exactly as we want to. It has been harder, dangerous even, for our siblings to do the same.

LGBTQ+ rights must be fought for and supported. Not in a theoretical sense by donning a rainbow-colored avatar on social media, but with real action. Queer folks’ rights, happiness, and lives are under threat today. The headlines are gut-wrenching:

How painful would it be for us if we were arbitrarily told that our existence was unacceptable to others? We hope someone would stand up and fight for us if that were the case. That’s why we fight for everyone to live their lives as their authentic selves, whatever that may be. 

If you have the means and are looking for ways to make a positive impact toward LGBTQ+ rights, we encourage you to join us in donating to the Human Rights Campaign. Click here to learn more about how they’re fighting for LGBTQ+ rights and how you can support their work. 

Tara & Jeremy