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Real cocktails. Real ingredients. Real people.
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Lovely Rita. Cosmo. Mojito
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Real ingredients

Premium alcohol, real fruit juice, pure cane sugar.
Nothing fake or artificial. Ever.
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Cocktails for friends old and new.
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Real cocktails you'll feel great about!

5% ABV
Naturally Gluten Free
Less sugar and calories than an 8oz glass of rosé

the perfect mix

Great cocktails can only be made with great ingredients.

We source custom-made alcohol from a craft brewery in the Adirondacks, and we buy only the best quality fruit juices and pure cane sugar.

The next step is blending and canning using precision equipment, so the alcohol, sugar and juices are all in perfect balance, and taste just-made perfect every time you crack a can.

We each spent twenty years working in some of the best bars and restaurants in the world, and we want you to enjoy QNSY Cocktails just as much as if you came to see us at the bar.


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What Is QNSY?

The name QNSY (pronounced “QUEENS-ee”) comes from the place we call home: the borough of Queens in New York City. Queens is one of the most diverse communities on the planet; a place where people come from all over the world to chase their dreams. Their stories make us proud to live here, and inspired us to chase our dream of creating QNSY.

Chasing dreams is all about hustle, and we LOVE the hustle. But chasing dreams is also about JOY:
The joy of owning your own destiny.
The joy of doing the thing you never thought you’d do.
The joy of never settling.
The joy of celebrating wins, large and small.
The joy of finding moments to celebrate just for the sake of celebrating.
And we can all use more of that.

Who we are


Hi! We’re Tara and Jeremy, native New Yorkers who love this town almost as much as we love each other. We met as actors, spent twenty years entertaining people all over New York City, and along the way put in countless shifts at some of the best bars and restaurants in the world. At work or at home, we’ve always been about making people feel welcome and happy. So when the pandemic kept us from doing what we love, we focused our passion for pleasing people on a project we’d been working on “back-stage” for the past few years: QNSY Sparkling Cocktails.

Across all the years and all the gigs, we’ve managed to collect life’s greatest reward: the funniest, craziest, happiest “family of friends” to share our love of drinks, food, laughter and adventure.We created QNSY Sparkling Cocktails for friends old and new, and the ones we’ve yet to meet. We hope you’ll all join us for the adventure; it’s gonna be great!


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