Dive into the Mojito Origin Story to Celebrate National Mojito Day, July 11th

July 7, 2022

Do you Mojito?

A Crash Course in Mojito History

Few things say “summer” quite like the crisp, minty fizz of a perfectly balanced mojito. From city rooftops and sandy beaches to country gardens and mountain trails, the magical mash-up of rum, lime, mint, cane sugar, and bubbles delivers a blast of cool refreshment on the hottest of days.

Pleasurable as they are to drink, mojitos are notoriously painful to make. Most of us don’t keep all the necessary ingredients handy, not to mention a cocktail muddler and shaker. And even if you’ve got everything you need, good luck getting five ingredients balanced just right while thirsty guests wait impatiently. Wanna take that party to the beach or the campground? Mojitos ain’t gonna happen!

Which is exactly why QNSY has packed everything you love about a mojito into a sleek, go-anywhere can, with none of the hassle.

First Fizz

It’s widely known that the mojito was born in Cuba, where rum, limes, mint and sugarcane are abundant. What’s less widely known is that its origins date back to at least the 1830s, when it was used as a treatment for cholera. If you’re stuck with deadly cramps and runs, it’s nice to have a tasty beverage for the journey to the next life. In those days, the drink was known as “el Draqucito,” after notorious pirate Frances Drake.

“El Draqucito” to “Mojito”

Thankfully, cholera is extremely rare today, but the cocktail used to treat it is alive and well, now known by its modern name, “mojito.”

A re-brand was certainly in order for a cocktail that transitioned from desperate curative to recreational libation. 

Some say the name evolved from the word “mojo”, which West Africans in Cuba used to describe a small bag containing magical items that could ward off evil spirits, bring good fortune, or offer a connection to the spirit world. Thus, “mojito” loosely translates as “little spell,” and there’s no denying that every mojito has a bit of sparkling magic within. 

The Mojito Comes to America

(…Or, more accurately, Americans go to mojitos.)

The prohibition of alcohol in the United States in the 1920s meant Americans had to get creative while seeking a connection to the “spirit world.” While Cuban rum runners smuggled rum into the US, many Americans of means instead ran to Cuba, where all manner of rum cocktails were perfectly legal and gloriously plentiful. King of these was the ever-glorious mojito.

Post-prohibition, Americans brought their taste for mojitos stateside, and in the decades that followed, the drink’s popularity was further fueled by Ernest Hemingway’s romantic depictions of Cuban culture.

Modern Mojito On-the-Go

Has this history adequately whet your whistle? 

QNSY has – okay, we won’t say “revolutionized” – but certainly changed the game of what you need to enjoy a damn good mojito any day, and (nearly) anywhere. For all those times you can’t be bothered to muddle, and nary a lime can be found, the QNSY Mojito enters the chat, and brings with it high notes of real lime, the bass thrum of natural mint and just enough pure cane sugar to complement the sunniest of summer days. 

It’s a cocktail you’ll look forward to drinking, and with the same sugar and calories as an 8-ounce glass of rosé (in a 12oz can!), you’ll feel good about drinking it, too!

Elevate with Less Effort

Ready to ramp it up a bit? A QNSY mojito is so versatile you can sip it straight out of the can, pour over ice with a fresh mint sprig, or use as a mixer with your favorite spirit for a boozier tipple.

Our favorite elevated-mojito mix-ins are:

• Bitter liqueurs like Campari, Aperol or Fernet for Italian-style aperitivi.

• Sweet liqueurs like Chambord or St. Germain for a sophisticated spritz.

• Bourbon and three dashes of bitters for an instant mint julep.

Celebrate National Mojito Day, July 11th!

Never ones to miss an essential holiday, we’ll be sipping on our QNSY mojitos this mojito-Monday. Grab your QNSY can and enjoy, wherever the summer heat beats on you for National Mojito Day! 

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