Top 10 QNSY Moments of Summer

August 1, 2022

Whether you’re still not ready to be around all the people, or just looking for the perfect place to enjoy some QNSY Cosmos, Lovely Ritas or Mojitos, we’ve got you covered. Dive in for our top 10 peak summer 2022 experiences you can enjoy with a canned cocktail. 

10. 🌿Plant parents, add some ✨sparkle✨ to your routine.

Whether you’re pruning your pothos, harvesting some juicy ripe summer tomatoes off the vine, or blissing out to a Leafing Around garden walkthrough on Youtube, (We see you, we are you.) you deserve an easy-drinking cocktail up to the task.

Weeding the pumpkin patch out back? Got you. 

Misting monsteras in more temperate environs? No worries, boo. 

Just dreaming of the Cuban rainforest? We gotchu, too. 

Keep it sassy and sweet with a QNSY canned mojito. All the flavor of your go-to craft cocktail, with none of the effort. A refreshing QNSY Mojito is the perfect bevvy to complement all your green-tivities.

9. Rail Baron, Mario Kart, and any day the Mets play.

Increase the vibes on your game nights.

When you’re about to lay down a six train track (#WhosTheRailroadBaronNowBiach!?), throw that banana peel and ride off to claim ultimate dominance over Rainbow Road, or watch Pete Alonso send one into orbit, your next 5 minutes of cheering and gloating can be made even better with a QNSY canned cocktail in hand.

However you do game-night, do it right. Do it with QNSY.

8. Lake-lovers rejoice!

For every sunset swim this summer, you’ve earned a wind-down drink, and we’ve got just the thing. Turn up the vibe with QNSY pierside or in the sand. Heck, float with your can, if you can! 

This is your official permission to leave the water for the fishies, and grab yourself a nicer vice.

7. Yes, people actually like hiking.

Why is a mile-long hike in the woods harder than any 20 city blocks you’ve ever moseyed after midnight? 

Easy. Two reasons. 

One, you weren’t able to keep up with your apparently insanely fit, nature-savvy friends.

And more importantly, two, you’re way too sober for this amount of walking.

QNSY comes in clutch to solve the second and make you stop caring about the first.

6. When you’ve had 👏 a day 👏

We’ve all gotta deal with some BS from time to time, but luckily we’ve got a secret to help you unwind and shake it off. Grab your bestie, boo, or emotional support ferret, crack a QNSY, and take your frustrations out for a walk around the block. Make it two for you work-from-homies!

5. On that boat ride… to who cares where.

Got a friend with a boat? Lucky you. Be the best boat-guest and ensure you get invited back by carrying some QNSY Cosmos to share with the cappy! We tested and confirmed, just to be sure: everything is indeed better when you’re on a boat.

4. Round up the troops!

Has it been more than two years since you’ve been able to do a proper friends’ night? Maybe you’re feeling ready for a rally. Get your gals or guys (or both) together for a night of catching up and sipping on one of the only good things to come out of 2020, QNSY canned cocktails!

3. Cabana life.

Ready to get a bit bad ‘n’ boujee before the summer ends? Grab some friends and find yourself a beach cabana to live out your best life with a couple QNSY Lovely Ritas and no stress.

2. Don’t diss the shower cocktail.

On the real, the most underrated place to enjoy a cold drink is in the middle of a hot shower. Multitasking. Check. No one to annoy you. Check. Catch a buzz and come out feeling really good. Check, check! Don’t knock it till you try it. 

1. Hammock cocktails.                            

When everybody wants something from you but all you want is #hammocktime, pop on your noise-canceling headphones, crack open an easy QNSY cosmo, and go offline as you sway into relaxation.

Ready to set off on a self-made summer adventure? Grab some QNSY from your favorite store today.